Capital Celluloid - Day 33: Wednesday Feb 2, 2011

David Lynch's On The Air: The Pictures at Bardens Cafe 36 Stoke Newington High Street, 7.30pm

When I was researching the article I wrote for the Guardian on film clubs I came across a number of people putting on innovative movie evenings. Here is one run by a group called The Pictures. You can enjoy a programme of shorts, music videos, DIY movies and documentaries tonight with the centrepiece the pilot episode of a programme David Lynch and Mark Frost produced following their hit with Twin Peaks.

The show was called On The Air and followed the antics of the staff of a fictional 1950s television network as they tried to put on a live variety program called "The Lester Guy Show" with disastrous results. This is a must for Lynch completists (only three programmes were aired though seven were filmed) and for the curious as the line up of supporting features sound terrific. Here is the opening of part one of On The Air as a taster.

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