Capital Celluloid - Day 73: Monday Mar 14, 2011

Kings of the Road (Wenders, 1976): Roxy Bar & Screen, 7.30pm

Another to add to the list of the ever growing number of film clubs in London as passengerfilms launches with this road movie par excellence from the lens of Wim Wenders. Passengerfilms, a landscape-oriented film society, promises to be one of the most interesting in the capital with a number of fascinating evenings planned at its south London HQ. You can find more details here

Kings of the Road itself, the story of two drifters who are travelling cinema projectionists, is gorgeously shot in crisp black and white by Robby Muller and is suffused with references to classic Hollywood cinema as the director ponders the American colonisation of both German landscape and mind. This is certainly not a dry treatise, though, but a wry and humorous account of life in a particular period in post-War Europe. It's a long film but I promise you the hours will speed by. The opening evening includes travelogue shorts from the first half-century of cinema.

Here is a trailer for Kings of the Road.

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