Capital Celluloid - Day 268: Tuesday September 27

Dekalog Parts III & IV (Kieślowski, 1989): Bethnal Green Working Men's Club, 8pm

This is part of the Scala Forever season, a programme of 111 films and events at 26 venues through to October 2 that will celebrate the wonderful Scala cinema at King's Cross which closed in 1993. Here is an article I wrote in the Guardian on the history of the cinema and the season and here are the details of all the movies and special events on offer, via the Scala Forever website.

This is part of a complete screening of The Decalogue, a ten-part 1989 Polish television drama directed by Krysztof Kieslowski, by those wonderful people at the Close-Up film club. The series consists of ten one-hour films, each of which represents one of the Ten Commandments.

Details of Dekalog Part III can be found here (Honour The Sabbath Day: On Christmas Eve a taxi driver honours the traditions of the day, gives presents to his family and attends Midnight Mass. Later, his former lover Ewa asks him to help her find her missing husband. Should he stay home to keep the day holy? Or is it his duty to help Ewa?)

Details of Dekalog Part IV can be found here (Honour Thy Father And Thy Mother
Anka is a young drama student who has a close relationship with her widowed father. When he goes on a trip abroad Anka finds a letter revealing that he may not in fact be her real father.)

Here is a fascinating article by critic Philip Concannon on Kieslowski's Dekalog at the Mostly Film website.

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