Capital Celluloid 2019 - Day 193: Fri Jul 12

Clerks (Smith, 1994): Prince Charles Cinema, 6.30pm

This 35mm presentation is part of the 'Class of 94' season at the Prince Charles. Details here

Time Out review:
Shot in a New Jersey convenience store for $27,575, this talky, scabrous and very funny first feature is a bargain-price comedy. Store clerk Dante (O'Halloran) and his pal Randal (Anderson), who minds the adjacent video shop, use the gaps between awkward customers to discuss their career trajectories, the ending of
 Return of the Jedi, the oral excesses of Dante's current girlfriend, and the impending nuptials of his high-school ex. If it's fancy packaging you want, forget it; if scuzzy talk and laugh-out-loud humour are your bag, check this out. Nigel Floyd

Here (and above) is the trailer for Clerks.

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