Capital Celluloid 2019 - Day 316: Tue Nov 12

Leoh Island (Kim ki-young, 1977): ICA Cinema, 6.15pm

This presentation is part of the 2019 Korean Film Festival. You can find full details here.

ICA Cinema introduction:
Kim Ki-young’s renowned supernatural horror from 1977 has been hailed as the most bizarre Korean film of all time. Following travel agent Hyun Sun-woo, the film’s complex narrative unfolds on Parang Island, where the men are cursed to die after their first son is born. As the audience learns through a series of intricate flashbacks (and often flashbacks within flashbacks), Sun-woo has been linked to the murder of journalist Cheon Nam-suk, committed en route to the mysterious Ioeh Island, which is said to beckon dead sailors. Laced with psychosexual drama and culminating in a legendary, still-shocking climax, Ieoh Island is rightfully praised as one of Kim Ki-young’s masterpieces.

This screening is introduced by Chris Berry, Professor of Film Studies at King's College London.

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