Capital Celluloid 2019 - Day 353: Wed Dec 18

So That You can Live (Cinema Action Collective, 1982): Deptford Cinema, 7.15pm

This is part of the So That You Can Live: The Oppositional Films of Cinema Action season at Deptford Cinema. You can find all the details at the foot of the preview here.

Wavelength Docs introduction:
The residues of history in the Welsh landscape plus the traditions of working class knowledge and solidarity are examined in this searching, moving film by political film collective Cinema Action. Charismatic union convener Shirley Butts assumes the focus, but her daughter's attempts to find work also feature as she reads from Raymond Williams and stares out at an imposing London skyline. The film developed out of an earlier project called The Social Contract. Shirley's daughter reads from The Country and the City by Raymond Williams and original music by Robert Wyatt and Scritti Politti also features. Visually, it occasionally recalls Godard's Two or Three Things I Know About Her. In many ways Cinema Action's master piece, it was broadcast on the opening night of Channel 4 in 1982 (BFI)

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