Capital Celluloid 2020 — Day 67: Sat Mar 7

Bones (Costa, 1997): ICA Cinema, 4.30pm

A 35mm screening and a Q&A with Pedro Costa, as part of the director’s season at the ICA Cinema. Full details here.

ICA introduction:
The first film in Pedro Costa’s Fontainhas trilogy is a tale of young lives torn apart by desperation. Following the screening, the director will join us for a Q&A. When a suicidal teenage girl gives birth, she misguidedly entrusts her baby’s safety to the troubled, deadbeat father, whose violent actions take the viewer on a tour of the foreboding, crumbling shantytown in which they live. After shooting Casa De Lava (1995) in Cape Verde, Costa relocated to the unchartered territory of Fontainhas, an impoverished quarter on the outskirts of Lisbon that no longer exists. The first of his three transformative films about the neighbourhood, Bones is a haunting, shadowy look at a devastated community that signals the further shift of Costa’s work into the lives of migrants. 

Here (and above) is the trailer.

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