Capital Celluloid 2020 — Day 87: Thu Oct 8

 The Painter and The Thief (Ree, 2020): BFI Player 9pm


64th LONDON FILM FESTIVAL (7th - 18th October 2020) DAY 2

Every day (from October 7th to October 18th) I will be selecting the best London Film Festival each day that you can catch on the BFI Player service. Here is the LFF's main website for the general information you need.

The Painter and The Thief review:

The sheer audacity of the theft of artist Barbora Kysilkova’s enormous paintings from the windows of an Oslo gallery immediately piqued documentarian Benjamin Ree’s interest. Neither he, Kysilkova nor the perpetrators could have predicted what happened next. During the trial Kysilkova asked one of the accused why he took the paintings: Karl-Bertil Nordland answered ‘Because they were beautiful’. Deeply affected, Kysilkova contacted Nordland afterwards to request a rather unusual form of restorative justice: to paint his portrait. Both damaged outsiders and creative in their own ways, Kysilkova and Nordland found something in one another akin to a strange form of therapy. Blending elements of love story, mystery and biopic, with non-linear storytelling Ree crafts a beguiling take on the long roads back from (other people’s) bad choices.
Sarah Lutton

Here (and above) is the trailer.

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