Capital Celluloid 2021 — Day 109: Thu Sep 2

Vanishing Point (Sarafian, 1971): Prince Charles Cinema, 5.40pm

On the 50th anniversary of its release here's the cult classic back in the cinema.

Time Out review:
Having just driven 1,500 miles non-stop from California to Colorado, Sarafian's sullenly uncommunicative anti-hero pauses long enough to grab a supply of bennies, accept a bet that he won't make it back in 15 hours, and zooms off again. It's a marvellous idea: a strange, obsessive odyssey by a man driven like the lemmings by an inexplicable need to keep on going. Then the script starts explaining in embarrassing memory flashes, the echoes of Easy Rider multiply, bits of mysticism and a blind black DJ called Super-Soul are injected, and the woodenness of both direction and Newman's performance becomes increasingly apparent. Marvellously shot on location by John A Alonzo, though.
Tom Milne

Here (and above) is the trailer.

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