Capital Celluloid 2021 — Day 126: Sun Sep 19

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Mamoulian, 1931): Genesis Cinema, 3pm

Celebrating chilling audiences for 90 years, join Pre-Code Queen Sarah Cook, and Movies on Weekends, for a special screening of Rouben Mamoulian's 1931 horror classic Dr. Jekyll & Mr Hyde.

Chicago Reader review:
Directed by Rouben Mamoulian, this 1932 screen adaptation of the Robert Louis Stevenson classic is a remarkable achievement that deserves to be much better known. Fredric March won a well-deserved Oscar for his performance as the lead, and Miriam Hopkins and Rose Hobart play the two women who match the opposite sides of the hero’s nature. The transformations of Jekyll are a notable achievement for March and Mamoulian alike, and the disturbing undercurrents of the story are given their full due (as they weren’t in the much inferior 1941 Victor Fleming version with Spencer Tracy, Ingrid Bergman, and Lana Turner). Mamoulian was at his peak in the early 30s, as this film shows.
Jonathan Rosenbaum

Here (and above) is an extract.

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