Capital Celluloid 2022 — Day 82: Fri Mar 25

Made in Hong Kong (Chan, 1997): Genesis Cinema, 8.50pm

This film is part of the Hong Kong Film Festival. Full details of the season here.

Time Out review:
Bad things start happening to Moon, a kid from a housing estate, when he comes into possession of two bloodstained letters left behind by a schoolgirl suicide: his mother walks out, he starts having pesky wet dreams, his mentally handicapped best friend gets into trouble - and he falls for a girl who turns out to be seriously ill. The irresistibly named Fruit Chan, a long-serving assistant director in the film industry, got this indie feature made on a wing and a prayer: various industry figures (notably Andy Lau) helped out, hardly anyone got paid and the non-pro cast was recruited on the street. Much of it is fresh, truthfully observed and touching in its honesty, but the climactic escalation into triad melodrama and the several false endings suggest that old industry habits die hard. None the less, a striking achievement.
Tony Rayns

Here (and above) is the trailer.

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