Capital Celluloid 2022 — Day 130: Thu May 12

CAPITAL CELLULOID takes over the Album Club session at the Spiritland bar in Kings Cross this week. Each night from 6pm on Tuesday to Saturday we’ll be spinning a soundtrack LP at the famous music venue, and tonight’s is a rarely heard Bob Dylan album, his country/folk influenced compositions for the Sam Peckinpah movie Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid. Do come along to say hello (here are the details of how to get there) and enjoy the vibe at one of the best venues in town.


Never on Sunday (Dassin, 1960): Cine Lumiere, 6.30pm

This 35mm screening is part of a Seasscapes: Our Oceand on Screen season at Cine Lumiere. You can read all the details of the season here.

Cine Lumiere introduction:
With the background of the Aegean Sea, Ilya (Melina Mercouri), a self-employed, free-spirited prostitute who lives in the port of Piraeus in Greece, meets Homer (Jules Dassin), an American tourist and classical scholar who is enamored of all things Greek. Homer feels Ilya’s lifestyle typifies the degradation of Greek classical culture, and attempts to steer her onto the path of morality, while, at the same time, Ilya attempts to loosen Homer up, notably on Sunday, when they all go ‘to the seashore!’

Here (and above) is the trailer.

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