Capital Celluloid 2022 — Day 151: Thu Jun 2

Jubilee (Jarman, 1977): Rio Cinema, 6pm

The Rebel Reel Cine Club presents this alternative jubilee presentation.

Quietus review:
Released in Elizabeth II's silver jubilee year of 1978 as a provocation seemingly towards just about everyone, it's little wonder Derek Jarman's second feature film, Jubilee, caused such an uproar. The Queen herself is mugged and killed for her crown early on in a Deptford edgeland, the punk movement still then raging over London is unconsciously sent up by some of the very people who were part of it, and the raw mixture of violence, conservative nostalgia, swipes at Catholicism and copious nudity makes it as anarchic as anything the director made afterwards. Amongst this incredibly heady concoction of both successful and failed attempts at creating a feasible narrative world, however, sits something far more essential; a time-capsule of a period in London's history when subcultures grew overtly and naturally due to the city's many affordable, derelict areas.
Adam Scovell

Here (and above) is the trailer.

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