Capital Celluloid 2023 — Day 59: Tue Feb 28

Batman (Burton, 1989) + Batman Returns (Burton, 1992):
Prince Charles Cinema, 6.10pm

This double-bill is a 35mm presentation.

Chicago Tribune review (of Batman Returns):
Given a free hand to create the sequel to Batman, director Tim Burton has come up with a far more personal film than his 1989 original. There are flashes of commercially oriented action and humor, but the overall feeling is one of a languid depression sprung straight from the heart of its author. In fact, ''Batman Returns'' is so personal that it owes much more to ''Edward Scissorhands,'' Burton`s 1990 Christmas fantasy about a lonely young man with knifeblades for fingers, than it does to the comic book hero created by Bob Kane. Not only is the theme identical-that of the misunderstood man-boy, whose knowledge of the dark side of life has made him unlovable, he fears, to other human beings-but so are the tattered leather costumes, the exaggerated, expressionistic set design, the swelling, highly emotional score by Danny Elfman, and many of the more self-pitying lines of dialogue.
Dave Kehr

Here (and above) is the trailer for Batman.

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