Capital Celluloid 2023 — Day 253: Mon Sep 11

Brothers and Sisters of the Toda Family (Ozu, 1941): BFI Southbank, NFT2, 6pm

This 35mm prersetnation, part of the Yasujirō Ozu season at BFI Southbank, is also being screened on September 30th. Details here.

BFI introduction:
The Toda family gathers for its authoritarian patriarch’s birthday. When he dies shortly after, the father’s profligate spending is revealed and leaves the family no choice but to sell the home that they all once lived in. The mother and youngest daughter are forced to rely on the kindness of close relatives, who barely conceal their disdain at having to show charity towards them. Made soon after his return from the front in China, Ozu’s biggest hit to date prefigures some aspects of Tokyo Story. Bourgeois selfishness is criticised while a new generation shows the ‘correct’ way forward.

Here (and above) is an extract.

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