Capital Celluloid 2023 — Day 346: Wed Dec 13

Dial Code Santa Claus [aka Deadly Games] (Manzor, 1989): Prince Charles Cinema, 6pm

This is a Movies are Dead presentation.

Filmhounds review:
3615 code Père Noël
, aka Deadly Games, aka Dial Code Santa Claus, aka Hide and Freak, aka Game Over. The many named horror thriller about a boy genius vs a psychotic Santa Claus who play cat and mouse in a mansion gained cult status after its brief 1990 release in France. Seeing is believing in this case. You need to see it to understand the sheer insanity and absurdity of the entire film, let alone what was the Santa's actual motive. Plus, when you hear the husky tones of Bonnie Tyler singing ‘Merry Christmas' repeatedly, you know you're in for a very bizarre film indeed. The film follows Thomas, child prodigy, confined to his home on Christmas Eve with his invalid Grandpa and his beloved dog while his mother manages a local department store on. While trying to contact Santa Claus with his high-tech equipment his messages are intercepted by a deranged vagrant who then claims to be the real Santa Claus. He manages to find out where the boy lives and proceeds to terrorise the boy, while Thomas sets traps to try and capture the man, he believes is the real Santa Claus sent to punish him.
Katie Hogan

Here (and above) is the trailer.

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