Capital Celluloid 2024 — Day 117: Fri Apr 26

The Ghost and Mrs Muir (Mankiewicz, 1947): BFI Southbank, Studio, 12.20pm*

*There is another screening of this film on April 23rd at 6.10pm in NFT2. Details here. This movie is part of the Gene Tierney season at BFI Southbank.

Time Out review:
Apprentice work, comparatively speaking, not scripted by Joseph L Mankiewicz himself (although he contributed), but still astonishingly characteristic in its airy philosophical speculations about the imagination and its role as a refuge when the salty ghost of a sea captain (Harrison) befriends a beautiful widow (Gene Tierney) and intervenes to save her from the cad she is thinking of marrying. Leaning too heavily towards light comedy, Mankiewicz doesn't get the balance quite right, so that the tale of a romance tenuously bridging two worlds isn't quite as moving as it should be when reality ultimately reasserts its claims. A hugely charming film, nevertheless, beautifully shot (by Charles Lang), superbly acted, and with a haunting score by Bernard Herrmann.
Tom Milne

Here (and above) is the trailer.

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