Capital Celluloid 2024 — Day 182: Wed Jul 3

 The Driver (Hill, 1978): Cinema Museum, 7.30pm

This is a 16mm screening and part of The Nickel's season of road movies at the cinema.

Chicago Reader review:
An audacious, skillful film noir (1978) by Walter Hill, so highly stylized that it's guaranteed to alienate 90 percent of its audience. There's no realism, no psychology, and very little plot in Hill's story of a deadly game between a professional getaway driver (Ryan O'Neal) and a detective obsessed with catching him (Bruce Dern). There is, however, a great deal of technically sophisticated and very imaginative filmmaking. The cross-references here are Howard Hawks, Robert Bresson, and Jean-Pierre Melville: a strange, heady, and quite effective range of influences. With Isabelle Adjani, Ronee Blakley, and Matt Clark.
Dave Kehr

Here (and above) is the season trailer.

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