Thursday, 17 February 2011

Capital Celluloid - Day 49: Friday Feb 18, 2011

The Cabinet of Cailgari & Curse of the Undead: 6.40pm Gothique Film Society, 25 Red Lion Sq, WC1

The Gothique Film Society is the oldest film club in London and you can find out all the details here. This looks an intriguing double-bill to say the least with The Cabinet of Cailgari not the original but a 1962 version which apparently bears very little relation to the silent classic. The script was written by Robert Bloch, also responsible for Psycho and stars the lovely Glynis Johns and Dan O'Herlihy. Here is an extract.

Curse of the Undead is a vampire western filmed in 1959. Curse of the Undead, according to the wikipedia entry, started as a gag idea by husband-and-wife team Edward and Mildred Dein called Eat Me Gently, described by Edward as "a Western horror story about a fag vampire running around the desert eating little boys". Universal-International producer Joseph Gershenson heard about the idea from his wife and quickly phoned Edward Dein: "Hey, smartass. The good stuff you don't give us. I want to make this picture." Here is the trailer.

I have no idea how this double-bill will play but come on it's got to be better than Paul!

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