Capital Celluloid - Day 83: Friday Mar 25, 2011

Night Must Fall (Thorpe, 1937): The Gothique Film Society, 25 Red Lion Square, WC1, 7pm

Okay I own up - this is almost certainly not #thebestfilminlondontoday but it's the most intriguing and is screened by the oldest film club in town, which puts on films for the connoisseur of the macabre and has been doing so since 1967. On the website here you can find details of all their past seasons and a perusal reveals they have shown some choice flicks over the years.

Night Must Fall, adapted from a famous West End and Broadway play, concerns a serial killer abroad in a sleepy English village. Time Out says Robert Montgomery "is effective as the psycopathic pageboy with a hat-box in which he treasures the grisly trophies of his penchant for decapitation." Sounds suitably Gothique to me.

Here is an extract.

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