Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Capital Celluloid - Day 306: Friday Nov 4

Tabloid (Morris, 2010): Riverside Studios, 7pm

This documentary about the celebrated case of the manacled mormon was one of the hits of last year's London Film Festival. Here's a fascinating feature on the film by the Guardian's Peter Bradhsaw.

Time Out review:

'The British tabloids made quite a fuss of beauty queen Joyce McKinney back in 1977, when she crossed the Atlantic to abduct her estranged Mormon boyfriend and shackle him to a bed for sexual de-programming in a Devon cottage. It’s quite a tale, and the estimable Errol Morris’s fascination for the sheer peculiarity of the human psyche comes to the fore in this latest doc, playing bubbly/bonkers McKinney’s testimony against the red-top frenzy of the time. Another typical Morris investigation of the elusive nature of objective truth, as obsessive motives and religious agendas clash, it’s also a riot of strangeness, both funny and sad. A classy assemblage, though admittedly familiar in form, and if Morris is indeed marking time, this is too smart and enjoyable to cavil.' Trevor Johnston

Here is the trailer.

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