Thursday, 2 August 2012

Capital Celluloid 2012 - Day 221: Thu Aug 9

Sing along Xanadu (Greenwald, 1980): Prince Charles Cinema, 8.30pm

Read this Time Out review:
'An experience so vacuous it's almost frightening. Built around a threadbare Hollywood fairytale which has Olivia Newton-John (on roller-skates) playing a muse despatched by Zeus to help mortals realise their fantasies, it turns out in fact to be an unashamed show-case for Livvy's multifarious 'talents'. Alas, as the film grinds from one epic production routine to another, it becomes painfully clear that she can't deliver a line (the script, full of gnomic punchlines, is admittedly abysmal), hold a note (the Jeff Lynne/John Farrar songs are lowest common denominator), or step a pas de deux (despite the helping hand of Gene Kelly, who can still cut it on the dance floor). Not even Michael Beck, fresh out of The Warriors, can salvage the disaster.' Ian Birch

Now watch this extract and I defy you to tell me you don't want to go.

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