Capital Celluloid 2012 - Day 316: Sun Nov 11

A Short Film About Killing (Kieślowski, 1989): Barbican Cinema, 6.30pm
This film shows as part of the excellent Step Into The Dark season to celebrate the opening of brand new screens at the Barbican Cinema. More details hereFollowing the screening, master composer Zbigniew Preisner will join Gareth Evans for a discussion about his pick. A regular collaborator with the film’s director, Preisner screens an expanded version of an episode of BAFTA winning cycle of short films based on the Ten Commandments, Dekalog. Disturbing, thought-provoking and filmed in harrowing detail, this film won numerous awards including the Jury Prize at the 1988 Cannes Film Festival. 
Here is a fascinating article by critic Philip Concannon on Kieslowski's Dekalog at the Mostly Film website.

Time Out review:
'Kieslowski's title is accurate: a hideous murder is directly followed by a hideous execution; both illegal and legal acts are detailed and protracted. The film does not set out to explain the punkish young killer's motivation, but restricts the viewer to his tunnel vision from the start, with the edges of the picture sludged over and a lowering yellow light at the centre. The depiction of violence is far removed from the usual camera choreography, and is, in consequence, truly appalling. The killing of the taxi driver is achieved in amateurish instalments, and takes even longer than the famous killing in Hitchcock's Torn Curtain. Not for the squeamish.'
Brian Case
Here is the trailer for A Short Film About Killing (also known as Dekalog 5)

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