Capital Celluloid 2013 - Day 52: Thu Feb 21

The Keep (Mann, 1983): Prince Charles Cinema, 6.30pm
Some of us have been waiting years for this to be shown on the big screen, and in 35mm. Trust the Cigarette Burns film club team to come up trumps. More details on their Facebook here.

Forget what you know about Michael Mann's film-making. This is a complete one-off.

Here is the Cigarette Burns introduction:
Screw your VHS.
Sod Laserdisc.
Smash your TV.
And bollocks to streaming.

We got THIRTY FIVE MILLIMETRES of celluloid, jam packed with THE KEEP! Deep within the borders of Romania lie mountains that were once home to folklore of the most terrifying nature, from dragons to werewolves to vampires, creatures of our nightmares have always called these mountains' peaks and passes home.

In Michael Mann's "lost" 2nd feature, a Nazi unit have unwittingly awaken an ancient evil, Molasar. Nestled in his Keep for years, he has risen and is hungry. Ian MacKellen, playing a Jewish theologian, is freed from a concentration camp to help send Molasar back from whence he came.

Cigarette Burns have teamed up with Electric Sheep Magazine to bring a very special and rare screening of a film never released on DVD making it nearly as mythical as Molasar himself.
Come join us as we wander through The Keep on 35mm, the way it's meant to be seen. 

Here is the trailer.

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