Capital Celluloid 2014 - Day 134: Thu May 15

The Rules of Attraction (Avary, 2002): Prince Charles Cinema, 8.30pm

This is an Ali Gray (aka @shiznit) production. I'll let him have the floor. Here is his introduction:

Directed by Roger Avary and adapted from the book by Bret Easton Ellis, The Rules Of Attraction is not your typical college flick. For starters, precious few lessons are learned. Most, if not all of the characters, begin and end the movie as selfish assholes. There isn't a conventional narrative as such: it starts and ends in the middle of a sentence. But in between? A collection of comic and tragic vignettes following US college kids that are so spoiled and detached from reality, it's no surprise one of them is related to Patrick Bateman. 

Hilarious and troubling in equal measure, The Rules Of Attraction leaps between tones like it's playing a game of hopscotch. Technically it's astounding - watch out for Victor's European Vacation, a high-energy montage that condenses an entire fortnight of debauchery into four minutes - but it's devastating when it needs to be. Most importantly, however, it's a showcase for the best James Van Der Beek performance ever: a role that buries Dawson in the creek forever.

Fatally miss-sold in the US upon release in 2002, The Rules Of Attraction is the anti-teen movie: a perfect snapshot of a disillusioned, disinterested, destructive generation. Come celebrate this underrated teen classic with, with themed drinks in the bar beforehand (with red cups!) and fun before the film begins. Deal with it. Rock and roll. Etc.

There's more information at website. Jump in.

Great trailer (here and above).

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