Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Capital Celluloid 2014 - Day 304: Sat Nov 1

The Comeback (Walker, 1978): Barbican Cinema, 4pm

This movie, introduced by Josh Saco of the Cigarette Burns film club, is part of a season at the Barbican Cinema dedicated to the cult director Pete Walker. Full details here.

Here is an introduction to the season by Nia Edwards-Behi at the Brutal As Hell website:Londoners, and those of you inclined to travel: Cigarette Burns, brainchild of Josh Saco, unraveller of reels of oft-forgotten but much-adored cult oddities on silver screens across London, has got one hell of a treat lined up for you this coming November. The Barbican Centre has invited Cigarette Burns to programme a season of films, and the result is The House of Walker, dedicated to the cinema of British cult stalwart, Pete Walker.

With an active career of roughly 10 years, Pete Walker churned out a staggering 16 films, capturing a 1970s England ripped from the most hysterical of Daily Mail headlines. Exclusively genre based, and one of the very few independent UK exploitation directors, his efforts have long been somewhat overlooked, but every Saturday throughout the month, a choice cut from Walker’s body of work will be presented complete with an introductory talk – including one from Walker himself.

Here is the Barbican introduction to The Comeback:
Pete Walker draws heavily on the Italian Giallo movement for this classic thriller. Singer Nick Cooper (Jack Jones) returns to London to get his career back on track, unaware that his estranged wife has been brutally murdered. As bizarre events begin to pile up, it’s questionable whether Jack is losing his mind or is genuinely in mortal danger.

Here (and above) is the trailer.

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