Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Capital Celluloid 2015 - Day 128: Fri May 8

Sivas (Mujdeci, 2014): Rio Cinema, 6.30pm

This film, which won the Jury prize at Venice last year, is one of the undoubted highlights of the London Turkish Film Festival which runs from 7th to 17th May. You can read all the details of the festival here. Sivas can also be seen at the Odeon Panton Street on 14th May. Details here.

London Turkish Film Festival preview:
Another of Turkish cinema's major international award winners in 2014 (Venice Film Festival Special Jury Prize), Sivas is set in remote eastern Anatolia, where Aslan, a troubled 11-year-old boy, rescues and adopts a shepherd dog who has been injured in an illegal dog fight. Sivas is at first just an impressive weapon in Aslan's fight for the affection of his classmate Ayşe but the potential for the animal to return to a more brutal and cruelly competitive world is always simmering below the surface. The contrast between the two worlds in writer-director Kaan Müjdeci's feature debut is beautifully and convincingly realised, not least thanks to the wonderful performance of Doğan İzci as the boy.

Here (and above) is the trailer.

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