Sunday, 17 April 2016

Capital Celluloid 2016 - Day 124: Tue May 3

Badlands (Malick, 1973): Prince Charles Cinema, 8.45pm

Ahead of the release here on May 6th of Knight of Cups, the Prince Charles Cinema are screening a full Terrence Malick retrospective. You can find the full details here.
Chicago Reader review:

'Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek as an aw-shucks madman killer and his fudge-brained girlfriend. Loosely based on the Starkweather-Fugate horror show of the late 50s, writer-director Terrence Malick's 1973 first feature is a film so rich in ideas it hardly knows where to turn. Transcendent themes of love and death are fused with a pop-culture sensibility and played out against a midwestern background, which is breathtaking both in its sweep and in its banality. Days of Heaven put Malick's intuitions into cogent form, but this is where his art begins. With Warren Oates and Alan Vint.'
Dave Kehr

Here (and above) is a clip.

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