Sunday, 15 May 2016

Capital Celluloid 2016 - Day 157: Sun Jun 5

Morris from America (Hartigan, 2016): Picturehouse Central, 1.30pm

This film is being shown at Picturehouse Central's Sundance Film Festival in London season. There is another screening on June3rd. Full details here.

Variety review:
Chad Hartigan’s “This Is Martin Bonner” (2013) established him as a subtle, original filmmaking voice attuned to stories of uprooting and dislocation, and he wrings a more accessible and no less specific variation on the same theme with “Morris From America,” a warm and winsome portrait of an African-American teenager adjusting uneasily to his new life in Heidelberg, Germany. Set to the pulsing hip-hop music that fuels Morris’ dreams and offers him refuge in a place that can seem friendly and threatening by turns, this coming-of-age dramedy explores how the challenges of being young, black and misunderstood can be compounded in a foreign environment, but goes about it in a grounded, character-driven way that never smacks of manipulation or special pleading.
Justin Chang

Here is the trailer.

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