Monday, 27 June 2016

Capital Celluloid 2016 - Day 200: Tue Jul 19

Sympathy for the Devil (Edwards, 2015): Barbican Cinema, 6.15pm

Barbican Cinema preview:
John Waters was a visitor. The café, a Swinging London hotspot, gets a passing mention in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. George Clinton used the writings on his Funkadelic albums. Their influence reached into the top-level management of The Beatles. Just who – and what – was The Process?

With access to archive materials and contemporary interviews with former ‘Processeans’, this new documentary sets out to provide a comprehensive account of the life and times of The Process Church of the Final Judgment, one of the most fascinating – and secretive – cults of the 1960 and 70s.

Formed by two ex-Scientologists, operating out of an elegant townhouse in Mayfair, with a Nazi-esque logo and a uniform of black robes with big chrome crucifixes for its recruits, The Process got a reputation as one of the era’s most dangerous satanic cults – one that was allegedly an influence on Charles Manson and the Son of Sam. Peeking behind the veils, this film reveals a more nuanced picture of a radical 60s experiment in community, spiritual adventure and self-realization.

We're pleased to have the film's director, Neil Edwards and former Processean 'Brother Zachary' join us after the screening in conversation.

Here is the trailer.

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