Sunday, 4 December 2016

Capital Celluloid 2016 - Day 347: Tue Dec 13

Point Blank (Boorman, 1967): Picturehouse Central, 7pm

To celebrate the release of Paterson, Culture Shock presents a special season curated by acclaimed filmmaker Jim Jarmusch (details here) at Picturehouse Central. This film is showing from a "glorious 35mm print".

Chicago Reader review:
John Boorman's modernist, noirish thriller (1967) is still his best and funniest effort (despite the well-phrased demurrals of filmmaker Thom Andersen regarding its cavalier treatment of Los Angeles). Lee Marvin, betrayed by his wife and best friend, finds revenge when he emerges from prison. He recovers stolen money and fights his way to the top of a multiconglomerate—only to find absurdity and chaos. Boorman's treatment of cold violence and colder technology has lots of irony and visual flash—the way objects are often substituted for people is especially brilliant, while the influence of pop art makes for some lively 'Scope compositions—and the Resnais-like experiments with time and editing are still fresh and inventive. The accompanying cast (and iconography) includes Angie Dickinson, John Vernon, and Carroll O'Connor; an appropriate alternate title might be “Tarzan Versus IBM,” a working title Jean-Luc Godard had for his Alphaville. 
Jonathan Rosenbaum
Here (and above) is the trailer.

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