Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Capital Celluloid 2017 - Day 91: Sat Apr 1

Lolita (Kubrick, 1962): Prince Charles Cinema, 2.40pm

This 35mm presentation is part of the Prince Charles Cinema's 'Stanley Kubrick on Film' season covering the movies he made from 1962 to 1999. You can find the full details here.

Chicago Reader review:
Keeping his misanthropic tendencies somewhat in check, Stanley Kubrick made a solid film (1962) out of Vladimir Nabokov's notorious and brilliant novel. James Mason is the pederastic representative of Old Europe, yearning after the 14-year-old flower of American girlhood, Lolita (Sue Lyon). Where Nabokov was witty, Kubrick is sometimes merely snide, but fine performances (particularly from Peter Sellers, as the ominous Clare Quilty) cover most of the rough spots. With Shelley Winters.
Dave Kehr

Here (and above) is the trailer.

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