Monday, 16 October 2017

Capital Celluloid 2017 - Day 298: Sat Oct 28

Suspiria (Argento, 1977):  Regent Street Cinema, 11pm

Josh Saco, the man behind the Cigarette Burns film screenings, is giving you the chance to see Dario Argento horror classic Suspiria from a 35mm print. Don't pass up the opportunity ... plus ...

... this is part of a Halloween all-nighter which will also include Filipino lunacy in Killing of Satan; classic 80s slasher The Boogey Man; a rare screening of an imported Sony archive print of 70s Satanic panic shocker The Brotherhood of Satan and 80s schlock Re-Animator. All films will play from 35mm. Musical accompaniment will be provided by Pentagram Home Video.

London Film Festival preview extract for Suspiria: 
Four decades ago, Italian genre master Dario Argento brazenly subverted expectations by abandoning the giallo tradition upon which he had built his reputation, launching headlong into a fantastical tale of the supernatural. The resulting film remains not just one of the director’s most celebrated works, but a defining classic of horror cinema. American ballerina Suzy Bannion arrives in Germany to study at the prestigious Tanz Dance Academy. But as a series of murders and a variety of other inexplicable events begin to pile up, Suzy realises her new school houses a terrifying secret. Dripping in dark imagination, Suspiria ranks as one of Argento’s most visionary works – its garish colour palette and bravura set pieces adding to a frenzied sense of dread.
Michael Blyth

Here (and above) is the original trailer. 

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