Monday, 13 November 2017

Capital Celluloid 2017 - Day 329: Tue Nov 28

In The White City (Tanner, 1983): Picturehouse Central, 6.30pm

This 35mm screening is part of the Bruno Ganz retrospective at Picturehouse Central. You can find the full details of the season here.

Chicago Reader review:
A sailor (Bruno Ganz) abandons his job as a hand on an automated oil tanker to spend a few days exploring the city of Lisbon. Suddenly liberated from purpose, responsibility, and structured time, he finds that the world looks different to him, and slowly he loses himself in its newly opened fissures. What gives this 1983 film its authenticity and powerful moodiness is perhaps the fact that the director, Alain Tanner, has followed the course of his own protagonist, cutting himself off from a planned scenario and allowing the shape of the city to dictate the incidents of his drama. Temperamentally it's like no other Tanner film (at times, it suggests the work of Wim Wenders), but it has all his rigor and visual acuteness. With Teresa Madruga (of Manuel de Oliveira's Francisca).
Dave Kehr

Here (and above) is an extract.

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