Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Capital Celluloid 2018 - Day 89: Fri Mar 30

Carrie (De Palma, 1976): Close-Up Cinema, 7.30pm

"[Forty] years on, Brian De Palma’s Carrie – an adaption of Stephen King’s breakout 1974 debut novel – has long been a bona fide classic, capable of inspiring its own Halloween costumes, sitcom references, cross-generational dialogues, and [...] studio remake. Looking at the film today [...] it seems like a miracle it was ever made in the first place. Released in 1976, at a moment when major Hollywood studios were still improbably willing to give space to the personal visions of young directors, Carrie remains a wicked piece of work: a film deeply committed to making its fragile teenage heroine’s sufferings palpable, pitiable, and relatable – but only so that it can twist the knife in deeper when the time comes."
ax Nelson

Here (and above) is the trailer. 

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