Saturday, 21 April 2018

Capital Celluloid 2018 - Day 117: Sat Apr 28

A Thousand and One Nights (Yamamoto, 1969): Castle Cinema, 9pm

This screening is part of the East End Film Festival which runs from April 11th to 29th. You can find full details of the season here.

Cigarette Burns Cinema introduction:
Before Ralph Bakshi introduced us to to his X-rated animated feature Fritz the Cat, Astro Boy’s creator and master animator, Osamu Tezuka broke new ground with 1969’s A THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHTS, the first outing of his new adult oriented animation studio. Through Tezuka’s mad, psychodelic lines we follow Aldin’s journey from poor market boy to richest man in the world, as he chases love through a vibrant reimagining of the classic Middle Eastern folk tales, encountering sailors, sultans and sirens Aldin eventually finds himself learning much more about life and the world than he ever expected. Expect the pairing of Tezuka’s innovative animation style and Isao Tomita’s pioneering space music synthscape to transport you to a land far far away from Clapton’s Castle Cinema.

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