Capital Celluloid 2022 — Day 213: Wed Aug 3

The Possession of Joel Delaney (1972): Prince Charles Cinema, 8.20pm

This movie presentation is part of the Duke Mitchell Film Club 2022 Festival and here is the introduction to the evening's activities:

Author & filmmaker Sean Hogan is one of the most talented figures on the U.K’s arts landscape, and his metafictional novel ‘England’s Screaming’ proved to be a welcome tonic for our sanity during the multiple lockdowns of 2020-21.

Now he’s back with a sequel, ‘Twilight’s Last Screaming’ which picks up the plot threads begun in the first book but now takes the continuing story to North America. Combining fiction and film criticism, he once again crafts an enticing tale full of unexpected connections and brilliant narrative flourishes. Both a deconstruction of American horror cinema and a reassembly of it into something wholly original, we are honoured to be hosting the launch for the book as the closing event of Dukefest 2022.

Not only that, but Sean will also be bringing along his brand new companion piece, ‘That Fatal Shore’, which, like its Eurohorror predecessor ‘Three Mothers, One Father’, examines an entirely different aspect of international genre cinema – namely, Australian horror films.

The event will include an ultra-rare screening of underrated horror classic ‘The Possession of Joel Delaney’ followed by an extensive Q&A with Sean, hosted by none other than brilliant author and all-round legend Kim Newman. Sean will be signing copies of both books after the Q&A.

‘The Possession of Joel Delaney’ is the very definition of a 70’s supernatural chiller (starring David Elliott AND Shirley MacLaine) concerning a Manhattan socialite who, to her growing unease, starts to realise that her brother is behaving more and more bizarrely - and even more concerningly, might be involved in a series of brutal murders …

Here (and above) is the trailer,

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