Capital Celluloid 2022 — Day 325: Fri Nov 25

El Hombre Robado/The Stolen Man (Piniero, 2007): ICA Cinema, 6.30pm

ICA Cinema introduction to the Matías Piñeiro season and tonight's film:
Since his debut feature in 2007, Argentine filmmaker Matías Piñeiro has created a collection of formally inventive and thematically rich films which mark him out as a singular voice in contemporary cinema. Often building from a literary or theatrical text, whether it’s the writings of Domingo Sarmiento or the comedies of William Shakespeare, Piñeiro constructs beguilingly mysterious variations, eschewing traditional adaptation and, in the process, endlessly blurring the lines between reality, performance, and dream. Parallel Lives presents all six of Matías Piñeiro’s feature films, including his internationally acclaimed cycle of films exploring the female characters in Shakespeare’s comedies and the UK premieres of both his latest feature Isabella and his debut feature El Hombre Robado.

In his exquisite feature debut, Piñeiro crafts a beguiling story about the exploits of a capricious young woman named Mercedes, who envelops herself in an intricate web of intersecting romances and complicated friendships. Drawing inspiration from Domingo Sarmiento’s magnum opus Facundo, Piñeiro playfully interweaves both the literary and the performative, crafting a rich and inventive exploration of the games we play in the name of love and truth.With its grainy 16mm black and white cinematography and its compelling portrait of impetuous youth, El Hombre Robado recalls the restless inventiveness of the early films of Nouvelle Vague stalwarts Jacques Rivette and Éric Rohmer, whilst simultaneously announcing the arrival of a filmmaker already forging his own distinct path.This screening will feature an introduction from season curator Daniel Turner. 

Here (and above) is an extract.

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