Capital Celluloid - Day 16: Sunday Jan 16, 2011

In A Lonely Place + Out Of The Past: Riverside Studios, 6.30pm

If I was to recommed one screening to go and see of all the films I have posted about this month this would be the one. Film noirs are eminently watchable for modern audiences and this is a brilliant pairing of two of the best from the classic post-war period.

In A Lonely Place features a Humphrey Bogart performance which is far superior to many of his better-known films and is arguably the greatest of his career. Gloria Grahame is also outstanding as the woman who falls in love with a scriptwriter and suspected killer (Bogart). Here is the trailer.

Out Of The Past is even more archetypal noir, featuring Jane Greer as the femme fatale and Robert Mitchum as a man who can't escape his past. There is outstanding work too from director Jacques Tourneur, better known for the classic thrillers of the '40s such as Cat People and I Walked With A Zombie. Here is an extract. Just look at Greer's face.

Mitchum also features at the Prince Charles Cinema in Martin Scorsese's remake of Cape Fear (8.45pm), an underrated movie in my opinion, while I will be heading for BFI Southbank to watch Make Way For Tomorrow (4pm) which I reviewed on this blog on Tuesday 11 January.

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