Capital Celluloid - Day 12: Wednesday Jan 12, 2011

Serpico: Prince Charles Cinema, 8.50pm

The cult film season at the Prince Charles screened Get Carter last Wednesday and seven days later today's choice is also part of that selection. Prince Of The City may be Sidney Lumet's masterpiece but this 1973 film, which also concerns corruption in the New York Police Department, is another excellent piece of work with a superb central performance from Al Pacino, who would also feature in Dog Day Afternoon for the director.

Lumet has elicited some incredible work from his leading actors – Paul Newman in The Verdict, Sean Connery in The Hill and The Offence and Peter Finch in Network are a few that spring to mind – and Serpico is no different. Take a look at Lumet talking about Pacino's work in the film here.

Of course Lumet did direct Michael Jackson in The Wiz. Compare and contrast.

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