Capital Celluloid - Day 121: Monday May 2

?????????????????????: The Old Blue Last. 38 Great Eastern St EC2A 3ES 6pm

We don't know the title of the film but we know in our hearts it will be a fabulous one. As part of the East London Film Festival those groovy people at Cigarette Burns are showing a surprise movie. Like the London Film Festival's surprise screening no one knows what it will be until the credits start to roll. So will the audience feel like it did when the LFF put on No Country For Old Men or will it feel like it did when Brighton Rock started. My guess is the former.

To date Cigarette Burns Cinema has screened Mario Bava's Danger: Diabolik, Dario Argentos' Suspiria, Brit zombie biker classic Psychomania, X-mas slasher Black Christmas '74, melt movie monster Street Trash, super sexy vampire lesbian chiller Daughters of Darkness, Abel Ferrara's revenge classic Ms. 45, video nasty Shogun Assassin and shortly Spanish thriller Who Can Kill A Child? all at the Rio Cinema in Dalston. As this is from the same stable expect a film of distinguished vintage. And it's going to be introduced by feted horror critic Kim Newman.

Earlier in the day at the same venue, Electric Sheep host an amazing double bill of Jodorowsky’s Holy Mountain followed by Dario Argento's Suspiria, with introductions from Xavier Mendik of Cine Excess and then Newman. 

As Josh Saco of Cigarette Burns points out: "Then, Kim introduces our choice. But what can it be?
Well, it has to stand strong beside those two beasts of twisted cinema, and it has to be worth something for you to take a chance with. I promise it is"

There are some details here on the Cigarette Burns website and via this Facebook page.

Here is a map of how to get to The Old Blue Last public house. Take a chance - I don't think you will be disappointed.

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