Capital Celluloid - Day 98: Saturday Apr 9, 2011

Le Quattro Volte (Frammartino, 2010): Riverside Cinema, 6.20pm

Another entry in the Italian Cinema London season, this one earned very good reviews from some critics at Cannes and at the London Film Festival last year.

Independent on Sunday film critic Jonathan Romney had this to say in his Cannes review:

"And the festival's one feelgood cult-in-the-making? Watch for an Italian film called Le Quattro Volte, a four-seasons rural tableau about natural goings-on in a Calabrian valley. At one point, director Michelangelo Frammartino stages a single-shot extended one-shot sight gag that defies description: meticulously set up and executed with stunning precision, it involves a dog, a choirboy, a herd of goats, an Easter parade, some Roman centurions and a runaway lorry. Shown earlier this week, it was not only the best fun in the fest, but the best film I've ever seen about goats. In short, a maaaa-sterpiece."

Here is the trailer.

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