Capital Celluloid - Day 192: Wednesday July 13

La Jetee (Marker, 1962): BFI Southbank, 8.40pm

This film is screening as part of the Essential Experiments season at BFI Southbank and also includes Marker's 1953 work Statues Also Die.

Time Out review: 

'This classic 'photo-roman' about the power of memory - 'the story of a man marked by an image of his childhood' - begins at Orly airport a few years before WWIII. That image is of a woman's face at the end of the pier; and in the post-apocalyptic world the man now inhabits as a prisoner, he is given the chance to discover its true significance as a guinea-pig in a time travel experiment. Marker uses monochrome images recognisably from the past, such as the ruins of Europe after WWII, and with a few small props and effects, subtly suggests a future environment. The soundtrack's texture is similarly sparse, and the fluid montage leads the viewer into the sensation of watching moving images. Until, that is, an extraordinary epiphany when an image genuinely does move: the man's sleeping lover opens her eyes.' David Thomson 

Here is an extract.

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