Capital Celluloid - Day 195: Saturday July 16

Piranha 3D (Aja, 2010): Rio Cinema, 11.30pm

This is a Cigarette Burns screening and you can find more details on their website here.

As it's a CB production you are guaranteed extra special goodies before the screening including great trailers and adverts, plus a DJ set.

As for the movie Kofi Outaw of Screen Rant sums it up here:

'Let’s get the obvious out of the way upfront, Piranha 3D is exactly what you’d expect: a B-movie creature-feature throwback that’s full of cheesy dialogue, hammy acting and over-the-top scenes of exposed flesh, mangled meat and plenty of red sauce. But that’s definitely a kind of sandwich that some moviegoers will eat right up.'

Here is the trailer.

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