Capital Celluloid - Day 279: Saturday Oct 8

Barbarella (Vadim, 1968): Cine Lumiere, 8.40pm 

This screening is part of a weekend exploring the links between comic books and movies

Here is the Cine Lumiere introduction to the evening which promises the film plus cosmic party: Adapted from Jean-Claude Forest's bande dessinée, Barbarella is THE cult film of the 60s! Directed by Roger Vadim and starring a glamorous Paco Rabanne-clad Jane Fonda, the film has influenced the history of fashion, music and cinema... The pitch? It's the year 40,000. Hurtling across the galaxy onboard her space ship, Barbarella travels to the planet Lytheon to locate the mad scientist Durand-Durand, inventor of the Positronic Ray, who threatens the balance of the universe...

10pm Cosmic Party details

To celebrate the delirious world of Barbarella, we invite you to a very very kitsch party where fancy dress is a must. Come along dressed as one of the X-Men, Akira, the Scrameustache, Valérian or any cosmic creature you might like... DJ Sacha Dieu, space cocktails, musical drawing events and much much more are lined-up!
The Music DJ Sacha Dieu, known for spinning the records at the notorious Stranger than Paradise burlesque parties, will set the mood.
The Setting VJ Kelly Budges from Your Mum Visuals will take you to the ends of the universe in the blink of an eye, with decorations, props and projections that are truly out of this world.
The Cocktails Fly to the moon with our delicious space cocktails: The Queen of the Galaxy, The Kryptonic, The Red Planet, and the CosmoSpolitan, courtesy of Absolut Vodka.
The Make-Up Let make-up artist Lucy Pook work her magic with her cosmic cosmetics: she can put stardust on your cheeks and paint your lips a fiery Mars-red – or you can choose the Avatar look and turn a bright shade of blue!
The Drawings Photography is tricky when you're travelling at the speed of light... So gravitate towards our cosmic artists, Emeric Tain, Woodrow Phoenix and Steven Appleby, who will draw you and your friends in your costumes!
The Dress Code Glam it up Barbarella style! Fancy dress is a must: come as one of the X-Men, Akira, the Scrameustache, Valérian or any cosmic creature you love...
The Competition Make sure your costume is stellar, because there will be a Mr & Mrs Cosmic beauty pageant: popular vote will determine the lucky winners, who will take home bottles of Absolut Vodka and an amazing set of comic books.
The Show Intergalactic star Agent Lynch will recreate Barbarella's space journey in a dazzling show that will feature a moonwalk through cosmic vapours, space blasters, an astronaut costume, a striptease with pyrotechnics, and more! This is as close as you'll ever get to meeting Barbarella in the flesh without having to travel through time and space to the end of the galaxy...

Here's a flavour of the film.

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