Capital Celluloid - Day 300: Saturday Oct 29

The Evil Dead (Raimi, 1982): Rio Cinema, 11.30pm

The Rio Cinema in Dalston have excelled themselves this Halloween weekend with a great midnight movie shocker tonight followed by a superbly creepy double-bill on Sunday afternoon.

Time Out review:

'Raimi's first feature, a sensationally bad-taste effort which narrates the rapid decline into demonic mental and physical possession of a clean-cut, all-American holiday party holed up in a mountain Tennessee retreat. The woods come alive, devils possess the living, and Tom Sullivan's amazing make-up effects climax with a final fiery exorcism which makes George Romero look like Playschool. Short on characterisation and plot but strong on atmospheric horror and visual churns, this movie blends comic fantasy (EC Tales) with recent genre gems like Carrie and Texas Chain Saw Massacre to impressive effect.' Steve Grant

Here is the original trailer

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