Capital Celluloid 2012 - Day 11: Wednesday Jan 11

Dead of Night (Cavalcanti/Hamer/Dearden/Crichton, 1945): Riverside Studios, 8.45pm
This is screening as part of the London Short Film Festival, more details about which can be found here. Riverside are showing this great movie in association with Scala Forever.

The highlight of the week.

Time Out review:

'Nearly 60 years on, Ealing's compendium of spooky tales remains scary as hell. The best of the five stories, which we see enacted as they're related in turn by guests at a country house, are Cavalcanti's 'The Ventriloquist's Dummy', with Redgrave possessed by his deceptively lifeless little partner, and Hamer's 'The Haunted Mirror', with the splendid Withers a reluctant participant as history repeats itself; least frightening, but amusing, are Radford and Wayne as typically obsessive sporting coves in Crichton's 'Golfing Story'. Best of all, however, is the overall narrative arc, with the framing story finally taking a headlong rush into a nightmarish realm almost surreal in its weird clarity and familiarity.'
Geoff Andrew

Here is a sneak preview.

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