Capital Celluloid 2012 - Day 25: Wednesday Jan 25

The Duke Mitchell Film Club present Paranormal Docs Night
King's Cross Social Club, 2 Britannia Street, WC1X 9JE, 7pm FREE

The Duke's introduction to the night: The Duke starts of 2012 in our typically obscure style with a night dedicated to the strange, bizarre and hugely entertaining Paranormal Documentaries that were all the rage in the late 1970s and early 1980s. These quasi-documentaries are packed with bad re-enactments, questionable witnesses and a cavalier disregard for facts, which makes them perfect for the first Duke night of the year!

Our main feature for the evening is the 1982 documentary “The Jupiter Menace”, in which Duke favourite George Kennedy is our guide through a weird landscape that’s packed with religious re-enactments, strange vector computer graphics and a wild and completely over-the-top 70s Moog synthesiser score. It’s a must see!

We’ll also have all our regular supporting features, including Trailer Trash, a short film, quiz, great music and much more, all with a Paranormal theme. So come along to the first Duke of 2012 and find out if we’re all going to die in 1982!

Here's something I found on YouTube

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