Capital Celluloid 2012 - Day 81: Wednesday Mar 21

Kenneth Anger's Hollywood Babylon (Finch, 1991):
Cinema Museum, Dungard Way, London, SE11, 7.30pm

- the screening is followed by a discussion with Popbitch’s Camilla Wright and artist Nina Mae Fowler

Little Joe magazine present a tribute to cinema's most scandalous publication. Here's the Cinema Museum's introduction to the night: First published in 1959, avant-garde film director and occultist Kenneth Anger’s infamous exposé has been banned, debunked by academics and adored by millions. Little Joe pays tribute to Hollywood Babylon with a screening of Nigel Finch’s 1991 BBC Arena documentary, alongside a discussion with Popbitch founder Camilla Wright and artist Nina Mae Fowler about Hollywood’s darker side. The Cinema Museum will display archive material exploring gossip’s role in maintaining the exotic image of the film industry.

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