Capital Celluloid 2012 - Day 82: Thursday Mar 22

Dorian Gray (Dallamano, 1970): Roxy Bar and Screen, London Bridge, 7pm
plus short film The Image, featuring David Bowie 

Here's the Filmbar 70 film club introduction: We cordially invite you to a soirée where portraiture proves to a very dangerous art indeed. In the short The Image, a painter confronts his creation with decidedly lethal results. Featuring the first screen appearance of David Bowie, The Image also has the privilege of being the first British short to be rewarded with an ‘X’ certificate.

For our main feature, we present The Secret of Dorian Gray, a lavish pan-euro production that provides a welter of sophisticated Continental glamour. Wilde’s telling tale is ingeniously translated to that transitional era when the emancipated hedonism of the Sixties gave way to the darker excesses of the Seventies, giving insight into the shallowness of celebrity culture along the way.

Here is a trailer for the evening's events.

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